A Wonderful Journey to Yourself

Christina Striewski mit Lederjacken und Lackhose von Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit Lederjacke und Lackhose, beides von Arcanum

How to discover yourself

All I wanted to do was open the cabinet and get out the coffee….and oops, what a desaster!

1kg of coffee landed right in the middle of a cake my children had baked together with blood, sweat and tears. Everything was destroyed. They had wanted to take a picture of it. Game over. My face turned red with shame and I was just waiting for them to blow up …

And what happened? Instead of cursing me out, they burst out in ringing laughter.

I couldn`t believe it.

Chill out, Mom.

It only takes 2 weeks of quarantine for folks to suddenly stick together. Things develp very differently from what we were afraid they might turn into. Everyone thinks it`s like sitting on top of a load of TNT ready to blow up when you`re stuck up under each other. That`s not the case. Most people are friendly like never before. They`re all sensing we`re in the same boat. Everybody is helping. Not really talking about the few morons now who really don`t get it.

I`m in awe and start thinking which qualities will come to light when the situation changes. We`re even convinced that we know ourselves inside out.  I mean who else spends as much time with myself than I?

I keep watching myself. I keep wondering who I am. I`m hesitating…Maybe there are things that carry great meaning for us and we`re not aware of it? What is our task on this planet? Is it just us that are changing, or is the whole world changing?

Does the world change when we do?

„Be the change you wish to see in the world!“

Mahatma Ghandi

Let`s use this time to ponder who we are and what we really want. Even if we do feel badly every now and then because of the crisis, something positive can arise from it.

Nothing is so bad that it doesn`t contain a chance.

What`s the chance in your crisis? Do you know yourself?

Watch yourself. What do you do without thinking? What are you drawn to? Where would you love to be right now? Are you actually enjoying spending this intense quality time with your loved ones?

You`re becoming more at ease. Things that used to matter don`t.

We don`t worry about petty stuff any more. Not even  a smashed cake causes any kind of trouble…We just scraped it all up and ate the mess. Optics were out the window but the taste remained.

By not getting upset about others I find inner peace with myself. Room for new things grows.

How can we fill up this space? Which recognition transforms you in this phase?

Jot down your behavior in the last 2 weeks. What excites you most these days? What`s the first thing you will do when you`re free again? What is the insight you take way from the quarantine as a change for yourself?

If you hear radio silence trying to answer these questions, just be patient. As soon as you start asking, the question starts working inside your mind. The day of answers will arrive. If not, you obviously know yourself better than you think. Damn, you`re one smart cookie…

I am and remain thrilled. I haven`t finalized my recognition. We still have 3 weeks to go after all. But simply the recognition that my kids won`t be at my throat for making a mistake fills my soul with euphoric joy.

I hope your time at home with be full of harmony and recognition, hopefully together with your loved ones.

Don`t forget to shine, it brightens up our surroundings and our spirit.

Stay unique and shiny

Yours truly,


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